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How many beautiful novels, stories and poems are devoted to this magical and unsurpassed feeling – love. It has inspired poets and writers since ancient times. And today, love is the driving force of many artists. Why do some readers find books about love boring and sophisticated? And all because not all writers have the ability to create a truly interesting world, charismatic characters and an exciting plot. This is how stereotypes arose about romance novels as cheap reading, which is suitable only for taking it with you on vacation, when you don’t want to overload your head with really high-quality literature. We want to prove you the opposite, so we have collected fifteen best books with an interesting plot and characters that will not leave you indifferent. So, if you are looking for the best books about love, the rating from the Vivat publishing house will help you find works that will take a worthy place on your bookshelf.

1. Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen

Our list begins with a classic of love prose – the novel “Pride and Prejudice”. Several successful adaptations proved that the writer managed to reveal the plot and make her characters “alive” and surprisingly interesting. Mr. Darcy is a wealthy young man known for his pride and even arrogance. Elizabeth is a smart and impulsive girl who grew up with four sisters and was not distinguished by special talents. Will she be able to overcome her prejudice against Mr. Darcy and see sincerity and vulnerability behind his mask of pride?

2. The Great Gatsby, Francis Scott Fitzgerald

It is rare to find truly interesting books about love. The novel of the American writer has already become iconic and popular all over the world. However, even the screen adaptation could not overshadow the book itself – the author so skillfully describes the feelings and thoughts of his characters. The main character is the rich Mr. Gatsby, madly in love with the childish and frivolous girl Daisy. He regularly arranges loud receptions and balls with the hope that Daisy will come to at least one of them. But can the temporary attachment of such a lady be considered love and is it worth all the worries of Gatsby?

3. Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë

A book that many girls read in their childhood. And also mothers and even grandmothers of these girls. Charlotte Brontë managed to create a novel that has been included in every list of the best books about love for decades. And all because the writer managed to surprisingly masterfully describe the feelings of her characters. The main character – poor orphan Jane Eyre – works in the house of Mr. Rochester and eventually falls in love with him. But it is unlikely that a well-to-do man will pay attention to an unattractive maid. Or maybe, for his actions and thoughts, he is not at all worthy of her love? The novel combined not only sentimental notes, but also raises issues of poverty, the formation of a personality in cruel conditions, and much more.

4. Norwegian forest, Haruki Murakami

It would seem like an ordinary life of an ordinary Japanese student who works part-time in a record store and boredly watches customers and passers-by. Only he himself knows what is happening in the soul of the main character. And there is a storm of emotions after the death of a best friend and mixed feelings for the same friend’s girlfriend. Is it worth crossing the line and how to help a girl survive the death of a loved one? A young man desperately balances what is right and what is wrong with the hope that the new love that has brought so much joy and meaning to his life will one day be reciprocated.

5. See you soon, Jojo Moyes

Love can take away the last strength, or it can give the will to live. Tired of an uninteresting job and an unloving boyfriend, Louise decides to start from scratch. But she has no idea how her acquaintance with Will, a young man confined to a wheelchair, will turn out. For a long time, Will did not see the point in his miserable existence and even wanted to commit suicide. Until he met Louise.