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Why write badly?

Why write badly?

No one wants to write bad poetry on purpose – and yet, year after year, they flood the editorial offices of magazines, amateur literary evenings, and even full concert halls. Why is this happening?

The first and most obvious reason is lack of experience. You can’t just take and write a masterpiece if all previous creative experience comes down to writing “How I Spent the Summer”. This is fixable: someone learns faster, someone slower, but everyone learns.

The second most common problem is the lack of reading, especially in childhood and adolescence, when the sense of taste and vocabulary are formed. With great talent, such an author diligently invents bicycles on the way to his own style.


I thought we had a point with you.

But you only put a comma

And the daughter is growing imperceptibly …

And ellipsis looms ahead …


Lack of self-criticism. Anyone can offend a poet, not everyone can run away. Some vulnerable souls have learned to deftly fend off constructive remarks and not notice their low level for years, usually with the support of a narrow circle of friends, and sometimes even roommates.


Lack of conscience – let’s call it that. A person understands that his level is enough to receive hundreds of likes from enthusiastic schoolchildren, and he doesn’t need more. Mass literature consists of such personalities a little less than completely.