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How to start your poet's?

How to start your poet’s?

It has always been difficult for young poets to measure their success, because popularity is not the only indicator (you will agree that recognition came to many poets after death). What can we do to make our poetic path bright and fruitful?

In the modern world, a poet is no longer an introvert, sitting in a room all day and writing down something in his notebook all day long. Today, a poet is a person who is active in social networks, constantly participates in various poetry events and is not afraid to publish books. I started writing poetry a long time ago, but most of it remained on paper. I dared to show them to just a few close friends. Then I did not have the courage to share my poems with a wide audience, as I considered them unworthy of publication. The assumptions we make, the insecurities we wrap ourselves in, are the garments that must be shed before they envelop our souls in oblivion.


I started my journey by creating a page on social networks, where I regularly published my poems, illustrating them with catchy pictures to attract the attention of readers. This first step gave me the opportunity to see how people perceive my work and how they react to it. At the same time, I sent my poems to various poetry competitions and literary magazines. You should not hope that you will become the winner of the first competition or that your works will be immediately selected for publication in a magazine. There are other good poets too. But remember that your poems have their own zest that makes them unique and memorable. You will understand what your uniqueness is according to people’s reviews. It took me some time to realize this simple truth. Submit your work to every possible magazine so that your editor can finally find you.


6 hints along the way:

1) Be active on social media

2) Take part in poetry competitions and boldly submit your work to literary magazines


3) Learn. Take online courses and sign up for poetry workshops

4) Don’t be afraid to publish a book


5) Measure your success and celebrate it

6) Last but not least: be clear about your goals