How to make money writing poems?

Making money on poems of your own composition is difficult, but possible. We will tell you how poets earn today, how much they pay for writing poetry on the Internet, where you can sell a finished poem. Below are detailed ways to make money on your work.

  1. Writing poems to order

Writing poems is ordered by both individuals and companies. For example, for anniversaries, birthdays, corporate events.

Individuals pay little. There are poets who are ready to receive $ 10-15 for poems of their own composition, and there are those who are ready to engage in creativity for free. But in general, the cost of custom-made poems starts from $10 per quatrain.


If we are talking about corporate events, for example, the anniversary of a chef, a serious leader, a VIP, then they can pay more for writing poetry. Even because a respectable person will not be given a short verse, and the cost of the work depends on the number of quatrains. Here they can pay both $50 and $100 for a poem.


  1. Literary awards and competitions

There are websites and various organizations that arrange literary awards or otherwise support poets. For example, in social networks. There is information that the authors of the best works can receive from 10 to 80$. for a verse.

Of course, this way of earning is difficult to consider as a source of permanent income. However, this is an option for how you can make money on your own poems on the Internet.


  1. Writing lyrics

Lyrics are one of the significant sources of income. A beginner songwriter can receive $100-150 for a text. People with experience and a portfolio can charge from $300-600 for the same work. Famous poets are paid thousands of dollars.


Of great importance is who you have worked with before, what famous songs you have written. One hit can turn an author into a star that many artists want to work with.

However, the music world is very closed. If you want to become a songwriter, try collaborating with up-and-coming but promising bands. Their rise will ensure your growth in the future. You can try to contact the producers, but it is not a fact that they will be interested in the beginning poet.